PSC Grant Approval



In mid-January this year I completed a grant application with associated documents to the Public 
Service Commission Rural Energy Start-up Program RESP. This grant involved upgrading current 
energy-consuming items. I focused on our heating and cooling equipment and interior and exterior 
lighting which were installed when the community center was built in 2003, making those items over 
20 years of age.

The grant required that energy audits be conducted to determine our current energy use and what our 
savings would be after upgrading with new equipment and LED lighting.

I am excited to report that our grant application has been approved for a total of $61,300.00 with 
no match of funds. This will replace our heating and cooling units and replace all our interior and 
exterior lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting. This is huge for our town as we will not need 
to look at replacing these items for the next 15-20 years and enjoy the energy cost savings as we 
go forward.

Phillip Christenson